White Himalayan Salt Lamps

white Himalayan salt lampWhite Himalayan salt is more rare but just as beautiful when compared to other color varieties of salt lamps. Our white salt lamps are striking when a colored bulb is used, the light and color both carry well through the lamp.

These lamps can occur with slight color inclusions, such as peach or orange, which offer a unique character; at the same time many of our white lamps are pure snow white. If you have a preference either way, please let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen for you.

White salt lamps are no different than any other salt lamp except in color. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Upgrade your cord to a dimmer for just $5 per lamp!

Size Weight Price Dimmer UpgradeQuantity
Mini 4-6 lbs $49.00
Small 7-9 lbs $62.00
Medium 10-13 lbs $72.00
Large 14-17 lbs $84.00
All of our salt lamps are visually inspected for form, color, and overall quality prior to packaging for shipment. All orders are very well-packed, with each lamp wrapped in plastic or shrinkwrap and including a finished wooden base anchored securely with non-corrosive screws. UL®-listed cords, switches, and bulbs are fully tested and installed during packaging. Bulbs can range from 7 Watts to 40 Watts depending on size and color of your salt lamp.

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