The Best in Natural and Crafted Salt Lamps

Here you'll find an unmatched variety of Himalayan salt lamps, plus very rare and beautiful Persian salt lamps. Himalayan salt occurs in a variety of colors, and we carry ALL of them - including red, orange, slate blue, white, and more common pink/peach/orange-ish. These colors are created by variations in mineral content of the salt, and this is part of what makes every salt lamp unique.

Original Himalayan Salt LampsWhite Salt LampsRed Salt Lamps
Blue Salt LampsDecorative Salt Lamps
Nature-Themed Salt LampsWrought-iron Basket Salt LampsPurple Persian Salt Lamps

Every salt lamp we ship is hand-selected and checked visually for color, form, and character. Some of the most beautiful pieces of natural salt ever to hold a light bulb have passed through our doors; and they still amaze us after all these years.

Each lamp is wrapped in plastic or shrinkwrap, and includes a finished wooden base anchored securely with non-corrosive screws. Cheap plastic feet we do not offer.

UL®-listed cord, switch, and bulb are fully tested and installed during packaging.

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