Carved Himalayan Salt Plates and Bowls

Carved Himalayan salt plates and bowlsPlates and bowls made from 100% natural Himalayan salt are a novel way to serve a special meal and maybe "wow" some guests.

The pieces of salt chosen to craft this tableware are gorgeous with vibrant color mixtures from white to deep red.

Very pleasing to the eye, whether with hot or cold foods, candy, snacks, or even small chunks of Himalayan salt; use them whereever and however you choose!

Indian Raita served in a Himalayan salt bowl.The salt subtly transfers into liquidy, saucy foods, and imparts a small amount of flavor without overpowering the food itself.

Of course, using and washing salt plates and bowls frequently will eventually wear the salt down thin; water and salt have a funny relationship. Towel dry immediately; if in a more humid region, they are best dried completely and stored away from open air in a tight cabinet, plastic bag, or plastic wrap. It will be quite a long time before these are worn out though, this is 250 million year old salt we're talking about!

Himalayan Salt Bowls with fine color.Himalayan Salt Bowls
Beautifully carved bowls made from choice Himalayan salt crystal that often looks like candy. 100% natural and unique tableware fit for any table.

Each bowl stands 3" high, 6" diameter, 2" deep;
Weighs approx 3.5 lbs.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Himalayan Salt PlatesHimalayan Salt Plates
Currently available in three sizes, our salt plates are each unique in coloring and character. Serve up something delicious, or use as a saucer with a salt bowl. Carved with slight inner inset, and thicker base for added strength.

See chart below for size and pricing information.

Size (dia.) Height Weight Price
6 inch 1.5 inches 2 lbs $25.00
7 inch 2 inches 4 lbs $30.00
8 inch 2.5 inches 5.5 lbs $35.00

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