Persian Salt Lamps

Persian salt lamps are unequivocally the most rare of salt lamps, with a very limited quantity of this salt allowed to be mined each year in Iran. While this is a departure from our usual Himalayan variety of salt lamp, these Persian cousins carry the same effect to indoor air quality; except with a much more exotic and unique crystal salt.

These Persian salt lamps are a mixed coloration, with variable combinations of peach, white, caramel, blue/purple, orange, red, and others. Supplies are limited, don't wait!

persian salt lamps, multi-color
Upgrade your cord to a dimmer for just $5 per lamp!

Size Weight Price Dimmer UpgradeQuantity
Small 4.4-8.8 lbs $90.00
Medium 8.8-13.2 lbs $130.00
Large 13.2-17.6 lbs $180.00
XL 17.6-22.0 lbs $220.00
2XL 22.0-33.0 lbs $300.00
All of our salt lamps are visually inspected for form, color, and overall quality prior to packaging for shipment. All orders are very well-packed, with each lamp wrapped in plastic or shrinkwrap and including a finished wooden base anchored securely with non-corrosive screws. UL®-listed cords, switches, and bulbs are fully tested and installed during packaging. Bulbs can range from 7 Watts to 40 Watts depending on size and color of your salt lamp.

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