Original, Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural salt lampsOne-of-a-kind and absolutely beautiful, our natural Himalayan salt crystal lamps are hand-shaped from strictly premium quality chunks. Due to their natural and unique quality, each will vary somewhat in both color and exact form. For this reason, we sell these beautiful lamps by weight. Coloring ranges from soothing apricot and peach, to deep and fiery red and orange.

Our salt lamps provide ambient, soothing light and completely homeopathic health benefits - the most immediate and dramatic being for those suffering from respiratory allergies and/or asthma.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Upgrade your cord to a dimmer for just $5 per lamp!

Size Price Dimmer UpgradeQuantity
4-6 lbs
Temporarily Out of Stock
7-9 lbs
Temporarily Out of Stock
10-13 lbs
14-17 lbs
18-21 lbs
22-25 lbs
26-30 lbs
31-36 lbs
37-44 lbs
Looking for a BIGGER salt lamp? WE GOT 'EM! 100+ LBS!

All of our salt lamps are visually inspected for form, color, and overall quality prior to packaging for shipment. All orders are very well-packed, with each lamp wrapped in plastic or shrinkwrap and including a finished wooden base anchored securely with non-corrosive screws. UL®-listed cords, switches, and bulbs are fully tested and installed during packaging. Bulbs can range from 7 Watts to 40 Watts depending on size and color of your salt lamp.

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