Himalayan Salt for the Kitchen and Table

Natural Himalayan salt is exceptional for cooking as well as food seasoning. Salt cooking tiles and serving blocks are a beautiful way to prepare and dish anything from meats, vegetables, and seafood to cold desserts and drinks.

Gourmet Himalayan SaltGourmet Pink Himalayan Salt
Well-known are the benefits of adding premium-grade Himalayan food and cooking salt to one's diet. This pure and natural crystalline salt is laced with literally scores of minerals and trace elements, trapped 250 million years ago in a more pristine and primordial world.

Himalayan salt plates and bowlsHimalayan Salt Plates and Bowls
Plates and bowls carved from Himalayan salt are a beautiful way to serve food or drinks, and certain conversation starters once they're seen by guests. Certainly the oldest pieces of "china" you'll ever own...

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles and BlocksSalt Cooking Tiles and Blocks
Salt cooking tiles and blocks are an excellent and unique way to cook your meats, seafood, or vegetables; or serve up cold snack and desserts; or even create a place setting for drinks. Cook that steak right at the table on one of our salt cooking tiles!

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