Less-Than-Perfect, Discount Salt Lamps

A Big, Ugly, LTP Salt LampIn the 10 years since our company began, we've accumulated a good number of "less-than-perfect" salt lamps (LTP's). As orders are pulled each day, we occassionally come across a salt lamp that just doesn't meet our standards, for one reason or another.

Every lamp we ship has eyes laid upon it, it is the first of several checkpoints our salt lamps must pass before they are allowed out of the warehouse.

Rejected lamps are set aside; and in an effort to maximize our space and eliminate some dead inventory we are placing these rejects for sale at rock-bottom prices (no pun intended).

Many are just fine to untrained eyes, but we're rather finicky and refuse to ship, in our eyes, a bad salt lamp. This page is devoted to the baddies.


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