The Science of Salt Lamps

Science offers a solid basis for the unanimous claims by lamp owners around the world about the positive effects which salt lamps and salt crystal bring to us through soothing light and color, the cleansing effect it provides for indoor air, and with powerful negative ions which have certainly been studied enough to be known as beneficial, in a myriad of ways.

Water and MountainsFor ages humans have known of the positive effects of this salt, along with its cleansing and neutralizing effects on your health. Genuine Himalayan crystal salt is the most beneficial, most potent salt available on this planet. It was formed over 250 million years ago, when the light and energy of the sun dried up the original, primal ocean water trapped in valleys of what will eventually become the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.; a cycle which repeated itself for millions of years in the region - fill it, then evaporate it. This crystal salt is completely pristine and natural, identical in composition to that ancient sea.

We are not referring to simple rock salt or table salt; simply because rock salt assumes a crystalline form doesn't mean that it is of the superior quality that we have been talking about here. Elements within rock salt are not integral to the salt's crystal grid, but instead cling to the outer surfaces and crevices of the crystalline matrix. This is the fundamental difference between rock salt and crystal salt. A Himalayan salt crystal manifests a superior structure while rock salt is a cheap alternative to table salt - and is at least a natural, wholesome product. Edible grade Himalayan salt is superior to anything on the market in taste and purity.

Do salt lamps really work?

Sure. It's not magic though. Salt naturally attracts moisture to it's surface from the air. These water molecules evaporate quickly, thanks to the warmth of the light bulb, and in the evaporation process is where negative ion generation occurs and also where indoor air we breathe is improved.

Naturally improving surrounding indoor air quality, and affecting the electrical balance of the air, translates into any number of homeopathic benefits and noticeable effects to the air one breathes - including fresher smelling air; reduced snoring; increased mental alertness; reduction (even elimination) of persistent allergy, asthma, or mold-related symptoms; and many more. Results often vary based on the individual and the indoor environment in which these lamps are used in; as is the case with all homeopathic and holistic products.

This natural change to indoor air reduces airborne mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and many asthma and allergy triggers by creating an inhospitable environment for these things to exist. All of these pathogens and irritants carry a natural positive electrical charge AND require humidity to remain airborne and alive; the two conditions a salt lamp works to change for the good.

Salt lamps work very well, owning is believing. We are well aware of the initial skepticism; the initial purchase that led to the birth of the Ionicsalts brand was simply because we found salt lamps to be very beautiful; even if they did not work to improve our air, they were still very pretty glowing lamps. We learned over a matter of days that there was something more to a salt lamp, something natural and good. But, even more was discovered about these lamps in the following year.

Medical Evidence for Use of a Salt Lamp

During a one-year period between scheduled testing, a genetic, chronic, and de-generative lung disorder completely stabilized and reversed course by improving the medical test results which confirm it. This disorder doesn't reverse, even stabilization is a long-reaching goal. Over that year, this person was exposed to Himalayan salt crystal all day and during sleep; began a morning routine of taking a shot of sole ("so-lay"); bathing daily with our Himalayan crystal salt; using edible pink Himlayan crystal salt on food. The doctor is a board-certified pulmonary/critical care specialist here in Charlotte, NC - and now also owns a salt lamp.

We are quite convinced the reversal of this (irreversible) disease is directly tied to daily and nightly exposure to improved indoor air and higher levels of negative ions; and possibly a more unexplainable healing effect of light. These days, six years later, the subject is still stabilized and living life without oxygen tubes and nebulizers; and still surrounded by our salt lamps!

OK, but how do salt lamps improve air and well-being you ask? Simple science really, the bond between sodium and chloride is naturally ionic and attractive to airborne humidity, this is established, scientific fact. Yet, despite many claims, there is no repeatable, verifiable scientific data available for peer review, on the true "ionizing capacity"; or efficacy; or impact on the human mental/bio-physical condition. Scientists in Germany are said to have done studies on salt lamps, but the published data is unavailable or never actually existed - we're still looking though.

Himalayan salt crystal is, by it's very nature, hygroscopic. By removing moisture from indoor air, things such as bacteria, virii, fungi, mold spores, and respiratory allergens and asthma triggers cannot remain airborne; they fall to the floor by gravity and die... especially in an environment with higher levels of negative ions. Ironically, this moisture gets naturally drawn to the salt crystal's surface could be directly responsible in large part for the negative-charged ionic field build-up around the lamp. As it happens, evaporation of water releases negative ions.

Negative Ions and Salt Lamps

In nature, negative ions are created through forces of rainstorms, waterfalls, lighning, sunlight, ocean waves, and wind. In fresh country air we find up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter - the size of a sugar cube.

Up to 10,000 negative ions can be found near heavy surf, or close to a waterfall. However the number of negative ions in metropolitan areas often doesn't reach 100! Think about that next time you're stuck in traffic.

The most common myth about salt lamps is that these lamps emit or generate negative ions. This is not true. There isn't enough heat or light energy to eject negative ions from the salt crystal. This doesn't mean that indoor air doesn't experience increased levels of negative ions around a salt lamp, only that these ions do not originate from the salt.

For more in-depth information on a how salt lamp works improves indoor air quality, this article provides good information.

Conclusions about Salt Lamps

We're hoping the medical, science, and research communities will take notice. Himalayan salt lamps naturally improve indoor air and environmental quality; the known and potential benefits to human well-being are enormous and not yet fully discovered.

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