Salt Lamps: For Your Home and Health

A salt lamp naturally cleanses the surrounding indoor air, whether directly or indirectly. This is scientific fact based on properties inherent to this salt. It's important to breathe good air, free of pollution, germs, and the "floaties" like pollen, dander, and dust. Unfortunately, the most polluted air which we are exposed to is usually within an area within our control...indoors. Homes, offices, and businesses both large and small are often neglected in the area of indoor air and environmental quality. Homes are especially important when it comes to air quality because this is where we live and eat and sleep. With all this time we spend breathing in our homes, does it make logical sense to make sure our air, at the very least, not "un-healthy"?

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Use a reasonably good air filter and change it monthly. Whenever possible, open up the windows and allow fresh circulation throughout the home. Place a properly-sized warm, glowing salt lamp in every room - this will alter the electrical balance (via negative ions) and remove moisture from the air. Moisture content is crucial for indoor air pollution and microbial life to remain alive and airborne, while at the same time vital for the effect of a salt lamp. A Himalayan salt lamp can actually make your indoor air healthful and better for you

Choosing a Salt Lamp for Your Home

Our lamps are most effective within a certain radius or area, respective to their size. For example, our mini to small sizes (4-10 lbs) make great nightlights, and would give maximum benefit on a desk, bedside table, or in a small bedroom. For larger bedrooms and living areas, a medium to large-sized (10-22 lbs) would be best; or perhaps several well-placed small ones would Natural salt crystal lampsdo the trick if weight of the lamp is an issue. Restaurants, stores, spas, salons, and offices should use several medium to large salt lamps for clean air and warm atmosphere the customers (& employees) will notice!

Depending on the size (or more importantly, the overall surface area), our lamps provide ionic benefits within a short radius around the salt crystal - generally, the ionic field doesn't extend throughout an entire room due to the short lifespan of negative ions (2-6 minutes). However, the effective area for our salt lamps' coverage is a 3' to 15' radius from the unit - again, based on size, the state of your indoor environment, lamp warmth and surface area. Air circulation, ambient or forced, obvioiusly provides a slightly varied range.

We recommend leaving the lamps turned on as much as possible, the light can positively affect mood and creativity while the consistent warmth of the salt crystal caused by the burning bulb improves the overall efficacy of the lamp. Unlike most, we size the bulbs according to the lamp color and thickness. Our bulbs range from 7W to 40W, depending on the size and color of the salt lamp.

The Impact of a Salt Lamp on Health

Waterfalls naturally producing negative ionsIn general, negative ion generation produces air similar to the air outside after a rainstorm. If you've experienced a thunderstorm then you have noticed the tension that builds up in the air before a storm - as the positive ions in the air reach a peak. When the storm hits, electrical charges are produced in the atmosphere and rain falls. The resulting air is oxygen-rich and full of negative ions. The sensations of calm and clarity can be felt in the air after a storm.

Hundreds of articles and scientific studies have been published on the positive effects of negative ions. Below is a short list of some of the findings:

  • High-density ionic treatments reduced symptoms of seasonal depression for a group in one study.
  • Cigarette smoke effects are countered by negative ions, cilia within the lungs were slowed.
  • Patients numbering in the hundreds received treatment and relief from asthma and hay fever problems. With only fifteen minutes exposure to negative ions, these people felt much better and didn't want to leave. Within two hours of leaving the non-ionized space, their symptoms and conditions returned.
  • Plants show an increased growth rate!
  • Depression, asthma, migraines, palpitations and irritability were remarkably reduced; as well as a marked increase in human alertness levels.
  • Five hundred patients were treated for five years, hyperthyroid cases were cured with ionization at a rate of nearly 50%.
  • Bacteria counts were lowered drastically. Streptococci, klebsiella, escherichia, staphylococci, candida, and pseudomonas counts lowered by fifty percent within six hours and within one day of negative ion exposure, the rate climbs to seventy percent.
  • Aerosol-sprayed bacteria cultures in air were virtually eliminated in 60 min. with high negative ion exposure.
  • Headaches in office air conditioned computer room reduced by 78%.
  • Hospital usage for burn victims. Sealed room with negative ion treatment for severe burn patients reduced pain to zero without the usage of morphine or narcotics in 85% of the cases.
  • 57% of post surgical cases experienced significant pain reduction upon negative ion treatment.

Negative ions are remarkable. Asthma and allergy sufferers notice almost immediately the difference in ionized air of a room with these salt lamps turned on and an outside room without one. Breathing becomes easier and airborne allergen levels are significantly reduced. According to many of our customers, migraines can be reduced and often eliminated by plentiful exposure to salt lamps and the ionized "air vitamins" it seems to create.

The psychological effects of Himalayan salt lamps are well-noted as well. Reportedly, doctors throughout Europe and Asia are recommending salt lamps as a tool in the treatment of depression, attention-deficit disorder, anxiety, and other mind maladies. Salt lamps are very popular tools for color therapy, light therapy, speleotherapy, and halotherapy; in addition to alternative, natural healing practices like reiki and other forms of light-working.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Begin at Home

Himalayan salt lamps should be used where people spend the most time. Around the home, that could be next to the computer or in the bedroom or in the den or living room - or all of the above. Indoor air quality is a top environmental hazards these days; asthma and allergies are on the rise; our dwellings can make us sick too with mold, paint, synthetic carpets, and more. By improving the air we breathe in our living and sleeping spaces, we take a large step in improving overall well-being. Further steps might also include making the switch from refined table salt or lesser sea salt to natural, gourmet-quality Himalayan crystal salt; or, soaking in a warm bath with a pound or two of mineral-rich Himalayan bath salt dissolved to ease aching muscles and joints, condition the skin, and rejuvenate the body.

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