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Below are found many common questions we receive from customers and visitors to our website. We hope these will be of some help, but if not please don't hesitate to ask.

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Why are you and your salt crystal products different?
The level of quality and clarity on our salt lamps and products is unmatched in this industry. Our customers familiar to the products know the difference. While many other sellers make many wild claims about being world-class, the best, yet not keeping commitments and selling the equivalent of road salt. They fail to deliver, and they consistently lose customers, to us it seems.....because we insist on the finest level of quality available and ship nothing less AND we take "world-class" care of our customers. Our light fixtures are superior to any EZ clipped mounting mechanism because you are allowed to fully illuminate the lamp by moving the bulb further inside, rather that leaving it dimly at the very bottom. We have been in this business for years, and our reputation is well-regarded and growing. We guarantee everything we sell from our website to be the best you can find.
What does Himalayan salt crystal smell like?
Himalayan salt crystal has no discernable odor. Some people say there's an ocean smell, but without the fishiness, like a feeling in the nose. It's common to see our customers sniff the lamps; but really, there is no smell - promise. Many don't believe it until they lick it.
What colors do you have?
The colors will vary between apricot and peach, to off-white and orange, blue-ish and even red. We offer a variety of colored bulbs that can give your lamp a new look (beautiful with a white salt lamp). The coloring of each item is unique just like the shape. If you have a preference we will do all we can to fulfill your request.
How do I clean and use my lamp?
For regular cleaning, use a feather duster or dry cloth to remove dust. Occasionally, use a lightly dampened cloth to clean. Do not sprinkle with water. Do not keep outdoors. In especially humid areas, a light film of water may build up on the outside of the lamp; but simply turning the light on for awhile will dry it well. Keep the light on as long as possible, the more - the better. Ours are on 24 hours a day, everyday. Never use oils or polishes, despite how good it might look you may effectively reduce or negate the capacity to affect indoor air as well as basically pollute the surface. This is poor practice originating in Pakistan by less-than-ethical manufacturers and vendors. How does a salt lamp absorb humidity when it is coated in oil? Humidity is a key part of the equation; remove it and the lamp is just decoration - no function
Can I see them in person somewhere?
Periodically we will bring our products to local and regional shows, but currently we do not have presence in local stores around Charlotte metro area. If you're interested in carrying our products in your store, contact us.
Do you offer discounts for large orders, for restaurants or spas?
Of course, please give us a call or drop an email and tell us your needs, we can accomodate any size of order and offer bulk pricing for business and individuals
What size lamp should I get?
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a salt crystal lamp is location to be used in. This will determine what size is needed to effectively employ the benefits. Our smaller items work well on desks at home or at the office, even bedside tables in the bedroom. For small rooms a medium salt lamp works very well; while in living rooms, dens, large bedrooms, and offices would need one of our larger-sized lamps. There is no disadvantage to have many salt lamps, unless you are allergic to clean, healthful air and good, re-vitalizing energy.
What amount of bath salts should be used for a bath?
Just add from one cup to two pounds of our bath salts to bathwater, allow to dissolve for 30 minutes. Add hot water to bring you bath to the desired temperature and enjoy! Great for the skin and your relaxation!
Do you take special product requests?
We sure do! While all products are unique, we will make every effort to honor requests from our customers.
How long do they last? Do they shrink?
They absolutely do not shrink unless you put them in water or regularly wash them (don't wash them). The material is 250 million years old, it's not going anywhere unless you dissolve it in water. In which case you should either drink it or bathe in it - both are good for you too!
Can you send me a printed catalog of your salt lamps and other products?
Unfortunately, we do not have printed retail or wholesale catalogs. Our inventory fluctuates too much with our sales volume, and keeping it up-to-date would be much too costly and time-conuming.
How long should I keep a salt lamp lighted?
The short answer: 24 hours a day is best. If the lamp is on and at least warm to the touch, it is working. Turning the salt lamp off is OK, but if left off for extended periods of time (days or weeks) moisture may accumulate on the surface and puddle around the lamp's base, especially in more humid regions. Simply wrap your lamp up in a plastic bag as airtight as possible until you return to use it again.
What size of bulb do I need for my salt lamp?
You want the lamp to be at least warm to the touch, otherwise it is working inefficiently. We use and offer bulbs from 7 watts to 60 watts, determined mostly by the weight of the lamp. 7W bulbs are horrible for warming the lamp and mainly for cosmetic purposes of subduing the light for more ambience. 15W bulbs are good for salt lamps of up to approximately 12 lbs. Beyond this point, we will use 25W, 40W, and 60W light bulbs as the lamp sizes increase. Our electrical cords are rated up to 60W, so this is the line. Other determining factors for proper bulbs would be color/translucency and depth of bore. Most, if not all, salt lamp vendors elsewhere will use 10W to 15W bulbs regardless of the lamp size and color - their customers end up disappointed because the lamp they bought isn't generating the desired effects the vendor claims and/or looks horrible because there isn't enough light. Ionicsalts determines proper bulb size for each and every lamp we ship during the inspection and packing process.


Do you only ship by UPS?
We ship orders via UPS and USPS. We prefer UPS because of ease of their system, but offer USPS because often it works better for the customer or the customer is shipping to a PO Box. We cannot ship to a PO BOX by UPS, they will send it back to us. All PO Box delivery addresses MUST ship USPS.
How long will it take to arrive?
Once shipped, expect a delivery time of 1 to 5 business days depending on your location in relation to Charlotte, NC. Canadian orders, along with AK and HI will take longer. Map below is an indicator of normal delivery times, but is not a guarantee. We also offer expedited shipping options if time is limited.
What is the turnaround time between ordering and shipment?
Orders are generally shipped within 1 to 2 business days of payment being received. A confirmation with tracking information will be sent via email when the order is shipped. Please be patient during the holidays, as our volume increases substantially. All will ship and arrive on time.
Do I get a tracking number?
Yes, once UPS issues a tracking number for your order you will be notified via e-mail. If you do not receive a tracking number, please contact us. Also, checking your junk email or spam filter can often do the trick if you haven't heard from us. If you do not receive a order confirmation email shortly after it is placed, there is a problem with the address given in most cases.
Are shipments insured?
All shipments from us are insured and packaged with the utmost care so they arrive in pristine condition. In the outside chance your shipment arrives damaged, please let us know immediately with an email or a phone call. . Please also note that we currently only ship to addresses within the United States and Canada. All shipments are bound by UPS or USPS terms of service.


Are shipments insured?
All shipments from us are insured and packaged with the utmost care so they arrive in pristine condition. In the outside chance your shipment arrives damaged, please let us know immediately with an email or a phone call. . Please also note that we currently only ship to addresses within the United States and Canada. All shipments are bound by United Parcel Service terms.
I don't have a credit card or PayPal account, what can I do?
Place an order by email or phone, we will hold it until money order is received; or you may call and arrange to pick up your order and pay with money order or cash. We are also looking to set up at regional shows, church events, and in more stores locally and elsewhere - we'll keep you posted.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Paypal account holders have additional choices like an e-Check draft or from their Paypal account balance. Signing up for Paypal at checkout is optional, but recommended. Paypal is very convenient and adds an extra layer of security for online purchasing. Western Union transfers, money orders, and cash are also acceptable. doesn't recommend sending cash via US Mail. Shipments will not be sent until payment is received.
How do I know this is secure? Is Paypal secure?
When you see the lock at the bottom of your browser window, and the address begins with "https://" then it is communicating over SSL or similar encryption. 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption is the Intenet standard and highly safe. Your information, as well as ours, is safe. We do not adviise entering payment information anywhere on non-SSL page. As said above, we never receive your billing information such as credit card numbers or account numbers. Paypal authorizes all transactions, and the payment is simply placed in our Paypal account. Signing up for a Paypal account makes future purchases much easier, at our web site and many others.
Do you have a refund policy?
Ionicsalts offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, beginning from the date of delivery. If damaged upon receipt, please make a claim with the carrier (UPS) and advise us of the problem immediately. You should get a claim number for your report. We will make right any return due to our error. All other returns can be accepted ONLY with a "Return Material Authorization". If you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us via phone or email with all details including the reason for the return. We will issue a RMA number and process your refund, exchange, or credit promptly.

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