A Gift To Improve Indoor Air Quality, Naturally.

The Himalayan salt lamp is widely known and regarded for its natural ability to improve indoor air quality, enhance mood, and generate warm ambiance.

The health benefits of using one or more around the home or business are well-documented anecdotally and based firmly in scientific knowledge of water, salt, and the evaporation process.

Salt lamps work naturally by attracting airborne moisture to the lamp surface which should be at least warm to the touch for optimal results. This hygroscopic process is the special relationship of salt and water. Water evaporation creates a small field of beneficial negative ions around the salt lamp; over time the balance of these ions in the air increases against typically more numerous (and harmful) positive ions, essentially neutralizing them.

Our entire selection is on sale now, and, as always, our lamps are made from the highest quality Himalayan crystal salt that money can buy, and all come with an unconditional 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

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